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Science Park Facility Technical Seminar

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

On 25th October 2022, we successfully held our technical seminar and demonstrated our Electrical Fire Prevention & Overheating Control System (FIPRES) and Sag Mitigation System at Booth No. 5 at the Taiwan Central Science Park.

Our Taiwan team showcased our #FIPRES model which contains the thermolabel rFPT, alarm FPA and concentrator FPC and explains each of its uses. FIPRES works on the principle of early detection. Thus, it detects hot spots long before a dangerous situation can arise, avoiding material damage and stopping production process that may cause fire. -

Next, using our Sag Mitigation System model, the team explains how our #sagmitigationsystem prevents downtime operations in order to provide efficiency, protection and secure connection in the industrial facility. Our system mitigates disruptive power quality in milliseconds, resulting in improved reliability and smooth operation.  -

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